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Hoverbike, newest drone Technology


Looking for newest drone technology? Look at Hoverbike!


If you love Drones Hoverbike is the coolest solution for you! :)

Even if it's a concept model, it will be the base for future prototype necessary to make people more free to move

It can be piloted manually or by a remote device

it's the results of studies of an Engineer focused on new flighing solutions taking lot of solutions from helicopters for best stability (flights and lands same way even if it's simplyer and more easy to be used)





GOOGLE buys Boston Dynamics Robots (spin-off prestigious MIT)


Google acquired Boston Dynamics Robots Company, very famous spin-off project of Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT)

That looks like to be a flash in the robotic world

If Google decided to put Andy Rubin (ex Number 1 of Android Project) on New Google Robotics Division, it's clear Robotics will have a strong improvements next 5-10 years with lof ot new projects and interconnections with Internet

Boston Dynamics is the famous Company created U.S. Army robots like ATLAS

Let's stay tuned and see next future Google Robotics Developments




Kuka Robotics 2


Kuka Robotics 2


Another short clip from the German Indutrial Robot Company called KUKA  (achronymum of Keller und Knappich Augsburg )

Founded in 1898 in Augusta City, it has international business

Its products are used by Mercedes Benz, Audi, Siemens, Boeing, Ford, Coca Cola, Swarowsky, Ferrari

To see 12 robots move simultaneusly is really good...






Kuka Robotics


Kuka Robotics

I Really a nice looking video about KUKA ROBOTICS, one of most famous robots Companies

You can see all kind of robot arms, joints, syncronized movements, rotatins arms

We can say it's a Classic ballet.....made of last techology modern robots

Or a show of synchronized swimming

Robot also moves a glass of water without lost content or break it !


Really delicate, niche and soft.... music too  :) :) :)





Robot Restaurant in TOKIO...

I saw many strange thinks in my life but this is one of the biggest....

I think you need to have a Tokio background (made of technology, cartoons, movies and videogames) to enjoy that at maximum

In this November 2013 video, we can see some entertainment in a Robot Restaurant in TOKIO.

Ray lights, beatiful girls, some Cartoons heroes (OBLIVION too) , techno music and a voice shouting in the monitors, the air slashed by different colour leds, a quad and a motorbike shining as techno beasts.....

At the end everyboody is happy and gives a ''gimme five'' ....

Very particular and strange.....but that looks like to be appreciated by Tokio people and tourists

I simply think it's funny :)





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