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Nelson Mandel (1918-2013)


Nelson Mandela called ''Madiba'' died on 5 December 2013 at 95 yrs age.

Since June 2013 he was in Hospital for a lung infection

Mandela is famous for his personal fight about racism, apartheid and rights of most weaks

For his Human rights and coloured people freedom activiy,  he spent 25 yrs in Jail  (from June 1964 to February 1990)

He was the first South Africa President to be elected after Apartheid end

He won Nobel prize in 1993

In 2008, there was a big concenter in HydePark for his 90 Yrs

He could not take part to 2010 Worldwide Football Championship (He fought a lot to make South Africa the Country of this event) due to a familiar: his niece died in a car accident the day before the inauguration


He has been and he will always be an icon of a person fighting for human rights of his friends





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