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New Marine Corps Robot: is it SKYNET?

DNew US Marine Corps Robots: ready for Terminator Skynet?


AWe talked many times about robots, experiments, news in the market

This time we will talk (as we did for Korean Security Robot) about new US Marine Corps Robots

It's almost 40 years, US Marine Corps is trying to introduce robots for most dangerous operations, limit damages, reduce soldiers costs during military actions

Here we have a video about the ''3000 age mule'': a stronger, faster, never tired, more powerfull robot capable to bring more supplies, equipments, ammunitions during military  operations

robots it's completely independent, 360 degrees movement, camers, distance sensors, all the necessary to make it a not stoppable war machine.

Are we sure one day, these robots will not fight against human like SKYNET in Terminator movie?
I think no.

In then meanwhile I don't know what old first or second world war mules are thinking now in the Heaven




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